Founding of the Methodist-Episcopal Church

The founders of the First United Methodist Church landed on Alki November 26, 1853 and shortly thereafter followed the city's founders west to Elliott Bay. The Methodist-Episcopal Church, as it was then known, was Seattle's first organized congregation and Rev. David E. Blaine, the founder of the church, was Seattle's first resident minister. Arthur A. Denny, another church founder, became active in real estate, was a business partner of Henry Yesler and Dexter Horton, and the territorial legislator for Seattle. The first church, which accommodated 50 people, was dedicated in 1855. The second church, an impressive Gothic structure at Third and Marion that accommodated 450 people, replaced the original church and was dedicated in 1889. The church shortly outgrew this structure and in 1906 began plans for the third church. The First United Methodist Church purchased its lot at Fifth and Marion in 1907 and hired architect James Schack to design the new edifice.


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